dream group [starts Mon 9 Feb 2017]

On paper the interpretation of a dream may look arbitrary, muddled, and spurious; but the same thing in reality can be a little drama of unsurpassed realism. To experience a dream and its interpretation is very different from having a tepid rehash set before you on paper. Everything about this psychology is, in the deepest sense, experience; the entire theory, even where it puts on the most abstract airs, is the direct outcome of something experienced. ~ C. G. Jung, “On the Psychology of the Unconscious.”

Dreams have helped write novels, deal with family crises, find jobs, make decisions about where to move, avert health emergencies, and much more.

Dream groups can be therapeutic, educational and fascinating while showing the way to access to secrets of parts of your mind. Entertaining and inspirational, you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself, your unconscious mind and sub-conscious thoughts.

Join Kath for dreamwork over a six week term where you can learn to tell your dreams simply and clearly, and receive helpful, non-intrusive feedback.

Thrive and grow through exploring your dreams and those of others in a friendly and welcoming environment!


dates for 2017:

Mon, 6 Feb
Mon 13 Feb
Mon 27 Feb
Mon 6 Mar
Mon 13 Mar
Mon 20 Mar


$60 for the six week term with a complimentary selection of teas, coffees and biscuits available throughout the sessions – RSVP through eventbrite


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