How does one introduce themselves to a diverse world?

The philosophical side of me would argue that people are a combination of their personal perception, roles, beliefs, occupation, and the perception of others. On the other hand, I would say that I am who I choose to be at any single moment. So without further ado here is a momentary self for your reading pleasure:

My heraldry is a mixture of Cornish and Welsh, inclusive of a fair dose of ancient Irish royalty plus the odd Viking thrown in for good measure. With Basque blood, I am Australian by birth and suffer the good fortune of being a redhead.

My passion for knowledge has seen me study, work and teach in the fields of philosophy, psychology, physiology, youth work, justice, health, community development and other disciplines. My career has been an interesting one… specialist para-legal work once claiming the lion’s share coupled with the adventure in being corporate roadwarrior, toecutter, negotiator and even bounty-hunter. Keynote speaking, trailblazing and glass ceiling breaking have formed a part of that too. The last decade have seen attentions turned to the community sector with success in program management, law reform, raising bars and goat-rustling.

My days are currently occupied by TnT (my two incredible children), various professional and artistic pursuits, The Creative Spirit, copious study for business and pleasure, as well as spending time with a few precious friends all of whom, I can fondly say, I both love and drive me nuts.

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::feeding the creative soul::